Our team tirelessly delivers innovative solutions for customers all over the world. Over the past years our computer science enthusiasts, engineers, and security researchers who earned their degrees at Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon, Saint Petersburg and Moscow universities have perfected their expertise in numerous engagements with our customers.

Konstantin Bychenkov, CEO

of Aligned Research Group LLC with a background in mathematics. He is the author of multiple academic publications in applied algorithms and medical image processing. Before founding Aligned Research Group he was a CEO at SMedX LLC, working with Fortune 500 companies, designing and implementing high-throughput, mission-critical solutions.

A seasoned technology expert, he has been consulting executives and investors focused on technology and developed a significant business experience in the enterprise computing industry.

Katherine Luchaninova, Head of Business Development, Sales and Marketing

Katherine is responsible for driving the company to success. Scouting the technological world for new possible application of Aligned Research Group’s team talents, she is responsible for expansion, marketing and relationship with clients.

University of Cambridge graduate, she has no problem understanding even the most complex tasks set by our clients and finding the best approach to solve any possible problem.

Nikolay Markov, Principal Architect

Nikolay has a broad range of interests in computer science, networking and distributed computing. He also is an author of several articles on programming and computer science. Nikolay oversaw implementation of machine learning data pipelines for multiple customers, such as Nominum and Akamai Technologies.

This work involved building a mesh of real-time intelligent micro-services to support machine learning pipelines at the scale of hundred billion events per day. In his free time, he is teaching Python, Go, Linux, algorithms and computer science.

Matthew Mosesohn, Kubernetes team lead

Matthew is a DevOps engineer at Aligned Research Group, developing platform frameworks on top of Kubernetes, providing containerized infrastructure, monitoring and log management. Matthew is one of the maintainers of the Kubespray project.