Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS)

Take Advantage of Cloud-Native Security Monitoring, Detection and Response Tools

The combination of detection, analysis, and response tools available in a public cloud and our cloud expertise allows us to offer robust defenses that grow with your business. The focus on DevOps, SecDevOps and automation reduces the burden on your IT team, and the use of the standard cloud provider tools minimizes your exposure to security vulnerabilities.

Close the Gaps in Your Security Posture

We start with a security audit of your digital assets and applications. The result is an actionable plan that addresses both tactical and strategic security needs. From public-facing and internal web application to cloud-stored sensitive data to employees’ laptops represent the attack surface that is vulnerable not only to malicious attacks, but also to a human error in configuring cloud infrastructure. Our experienced engineers not only can help your organization start improving right away, but will also help establish the process of continuously improving your security posture.

24x7 Monitoring and Response

Our engineers proactively monitor your cloud network, processing alerts and working with your IT personnel to quickly remediate when necessary.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Our engineers are experienced with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud. In addition to public cloud expertise, we have helped to secure organizations with both private data centers and public cloud presence.

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