27 October 2017


As a team of AI enthusiasts we strive to understand on a deeper level how does human intelligence work. Therefore, neuroscience is the subject of our special attention. Understanding human brain can lead us to an acceleration of the development and application of innovative technologies in the nearest future. Researchers who constantly work on a revolutionary new dynamic picture of the brain cause a significant impact on our world.
We are happy to support the open source project Opennft established by EPFL and personally prof. Dmitri Van De Ville.
OpenNFT is an integrated software package (Koush et al., 2017, Neuroimage 157:489-503) and real-time fMRI data (Koush et al., 2017, Data in Brief 14:344-347) designed for neurofeedback training.
Potentially this approach can be helpful when applied to the research of many mental diseases as well as the apoplexy or other brain damages with a goal to restore the  quality of a patient’s life.